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Swiss Garden, Old Warden, Bedfordshire

Swiss Garden, Old Warden, Bedfordshire

Student centred project to conserve and restore the rustic decoration applied to the structures in this important Regency garden

Southwell Minster

Southwell Minster

An exciting student driven project to conserve and retouch the polychrome water damaged ceiling in the stairwell of the Great Hall at the medieval Bishop's Palace

HMS Victory

HMS Victory

Crick Smith awarded the contract by the Royal Naval Museum in Portsmouth to research and investigate the historic paint finishes applied to the Victory

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Celebrating 40 years of Conservation in Lincoln

Celebrating 40 years of Conservation in Lincoln

 The University of Lincoln and Crick Smith have together built an international

reputation as one of the leading centres for conservation and restoration in

the UK. In 2014, they celebrate the 40th  anniversary of conservation teaching

within their historic city.

Lincoln’s conservation portfolio began in 1973 at the Lincoln School of Art, the

University of Lincoln’s oldest predecessor institution, and over the last four

decades it has developed to offer a number of unique opportunities for

undergraduate and postgraduate students alike.

Today, Lincoln students enjoy a thriving community of conservation study and

practice; learning from pioneering academic researchers, practising alongside

a professional team of commercial conservators and working to safeguard the

heritage of important national landmarks.


Conserving the past could become your future ..................


 The University of Lincoln’s School of Art and Design is now accepting

applications across its portfolio of Conservation and Restoration programmes.

For more information on BA (Hons) Conservation and Restoration, MA

Conservation of Historic Objects and Graduate Diploma Conservation Studies,

contact Mr Henning Schulze on .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)


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Delapre Abbey

Delapre Abbey

The recorded history of Delapre begins in the C12th when in 1145 the second Earl of Northampton, Simon de Senlis, gave lands at Hardingstone just outside Northampton for the establishment of a Cluniac nunnery. The nunnery was dedicated to St Mary of the Meadow, or in Norman French, 'St Mary de Ia Pre', from which the current house received its name.


The National Collection for Historic Decoration

The National Collection for Historic Decoration

Crick Smith University of Lincoln now curate the National Collection for Historic Decoration - an accessible open repository containing research reports and evidence covering the last 40 years



“Donald Insall Associates have worked with Crick Smith for several years, in particular on developing colours for the Covent Garden Market Building. We have always had a good and creative relationship with them, bringing technical and historical knowledge to projects combined with creative understanding.”

Peter Riddington, Director and Architect, Donald Insall Associates Ltd.

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  1. Historic Paint Analysis

    Historic Paint Analysis

    Microscopic analysis to identify age and ingredients of paint, reveal schemes, formulations, colours and decorative history for accurate conservation.

  2. Materials Analysis

    Materials Analysis

    Scanning Electron Microscopy or Disaggregation Analysis to determine components of existing lime based renders and plasters, to create replacement mortars for conservation.

  3. Architectural Ceramics & Tiles

    Architectural Ceramics & Tiles

    Conservation, replacement and repair of architectural ceramic materials including terracotta, Coade Stone, faience and tiles; from medieval to 20th century, in interior or exterior locations.

  4. Stone Monuments & Artifacts

    Stone Monuments & Artifacts

    Condition surveys of stone elements, treatment plans and conservation works for all stone or mineral substrates including painted, poly-chromed, or gilded stone surfaces.

  5. Metals


    Condition surveys including paint analysis followed by cleaning and anti corrosion measures, stabilisation, fabrication or re-casting of replacement parts and application of protective coatings.

  6. Wooden Artifacts

    Wooden Artifacts

    Conservation of wood may require appropriate pest eradication, consolidation, cleaning and repair. Re-gilding or repainting and application of protective coatings is also available.

  7. Decorative Surfaces

    Decorative Surfaces

    Stabilising and cleaning historic finishes; consolidating, repairing and repainting missing decoration to match with surviving material. Re-instating lost elements of design and decoration.

  8. Historic Objects Conservation

    Historic Objects Conservation

    We conserve all types of items from decorative arts and ethnographic objects to natural history, organic and inorganic pieces. A bespoke, highly specialised and renowned service.

  9. Replicating Objects

    Replicating Objects

    The ability to replicate historic objects three dimensionally, without contact, using a surrogate material.

  10. Collections Management

    Collections Management

    Conservation and management programs for all types and sizes of historic collections in the UK and Europe, including preventive conservation strategies to reduce the potential for damage.

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